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Candice is established as one of the world's most exciting and original photographers. She is amongst the most versatile and unique image creators in the photographic industry.

She is well known for her leading underwater, fashion and beauty photographs including those of Keira Knightley, Lily Cole, Sir Nick Faldo and many other celebrities. Candice has won an Oscar for "Best Commercial Advertising Photographer" and this accolade has cemented her reputation amongst the elite, as well as receiving further awards, including the Excellence Prize at the UK Fashion Awards.

Candice has her images exhibited worldwide and they have toured alongside those of Snowdon, Lichfield, McCartney and Fox Talbot in the Millennium International Worldwide Tour.

One of the reasons why her images are so unique and full of impact is her emphasis on "painting with light", whether it be in the studio, on location or underwater. This is a critical factor in each and every photograph because it makes the difference between a good image and a stunning work of art.

​Having founded the celebrity social enterprise Candice has used her skills to highlight the terrible plight of millions of people dying from the effects of dirty water and lack of sanitation. Over 5,000 children die each day. Please help us make a difference and make a donation by clicking here.

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